About Us

TouchCash ATM POS is a well reputed ATM and POS company which supply, install and maintain them all over Canada. Currently, TouchCash Inc. have installed and maintain thousands of ATM and POS in Ontario and the number is increasing. TouchCash Inc. was established in 2000 and has been accumulating experience and a good reputation.

We have office and warehouse in Markham, Ontario for administration, supply and repair. We have experienced and skilled employees.

Let’s partner with business owners in order to create income opportunities.
Our goal is to grow together with you.

If you…

  • own a small business
  • plan to have ATM or POS or
  • are unsatisfied with the service of the current transaction company, and are considering better service

Help is on the way with TouchCash ATM POS Inc.


Your greater income through ATM and POS with us will nurture your business…