Ingenico i7780

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The Igenico 7780 is the perfect terminal for any environment where it’s either required or desired to bring the point of payment to your customer. Pay-at-table restaurants and customer-present retail payment environments such as curbside customer pick up and nail or beauty salons are all ideal environments for the i7780. Bringing the terminal to the cardholder improves customer experience and cardholder security – the card is always in your customer’s control helping to ensure cardholder data is never lost or stolen. The i7780 terminal utilizes proven Bluetooth technology to support secure wireless payments within a 200 meter range from the i7780 communications base station.

Information and picture provided by Elavon and Ingenico.


Short range Bluetooth enabled portability allows you to take the terminal to your customers anywhere on your premises up to 200 meters from the communications base depending on your environment.

Removable, long life Lithium Ion battery provides up to 5 hours or 200 transactions per charge, ensuring enough power to cover a complete shift – an on-screen battery indicator tells the operator how much battery time is remaining.

Communications and “charge only” bases offers a cradle for terminal storage and charge, ensuing terminals remain charged.

Fast & Secure

Bluetooth wireless technology – the most secure radio communication available in a payment device

Secure integrated PIN pad meets all Visa®, MasterCard® and Interac® security requirements.

Wireless You Can Count On

Communication base supports dial and Ethernet communications. Ethernet communications eliminates the costs associated with dedicated phone lines. Dial can be used as either primary or back up communications – in all cases, no wireless fees apply.

Supports multiple terminals through a single i7780 communications base helping to minimize both hardware and communications expenses.

Supports acceptance of Visa®, Mastercard® and Interac® debit through a single easy-to-use payment terminal.

Large backlit keypad and LCD display ensure clear visibility and usability, even in dimly lit environments.

Quiet, fast and easy loading built-in therminal printer eliminates paper jams and prints receipts in English or French.

Extended magnetic stripe reading path increases improves ease of use by ensuring successful read of first swipe.