Ingenico i5100

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Ingenico i5100
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A cost effective countertop payment terminal with integrated PIN Pad. Ingenico 5100 is the perfect terminal for merchants having medium or low transaction level. It has a small footprint and can be easily handed over for cardholder PIN entry.

Exceptional ergonomic design, combined with outstanding reliability, have helped make the i5100 the world’s best selling terminal, with over 1 million units sold each year. Compact, yet packed full of functionality, it’s the perfect cost effective payment solution for merchants with medium or low transaction levels. Designed for maximum versatility and usability, the i5100 incorporates a large graphic display, an ultra-fast ultra-quiet easy load printer, and a backlit keypad for trouble-free PIN entry. Its fully integrated smart card reader and ‘long swipe’ magnetic card reader complete the world’s most convenient electronic payments package. To future- proof the terminal investment, the i5100′s Plug>It capability can add fast Ethernet or WiFi modules in the blink of an eye.

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Built around Ingenico’s industry proven High Secure Core (HSC), the i5100 is secure ‘straight out of the box’. Fully EMV and PCI PED approved, its 32-bit precessor supports powerful RSA, DES and 3DES encryption to deliver complete peace of mind for the consumer and merchant alike, with no impact on transaction speed or reliability.


Based on Igenico’s open and flexible 32-bit architecture, the i510 is capable of processing powerful cryptographic algorithms the blink of an eye to ensure comprehensive multi-application security with no loss of performance. A long card swipe ensures optimal mechanical reading to further support fast-faced transactions.


Compact enough to be handed over for cardholder PIN entry, the i5100′s design delivers the ultimate in convenience. Its ergonomic backlit keyboard makes PIN entry fuss free, while the large adjustable contrast graphic display makes it straightforward for customers and merchants to follow operations. An ultra-fast thermal printer features an easy-loading mechanism for ultimate convenience.


Ideal for merchants wishing to carry outs smart card, credit and debit transactions via a modem or IP connection, the i5100 is packed with communication options, including V22bis, V29, fast V34 and ISDN. For maximum communication versatility, Ethernet, WiFi and GPRS can be added with ease, thanks to Plug>it capability.

Software Development

Ingenico delivers incremental revenue today and future proofs the terminal investments of tomorrow. Compatible with all previous Ingenico applicatoins, the i5100 can support today’s gift and loyalty application with ease, as well as tomorrow’s next generation services.

Field Services

To reduce total cost of ownership and enable merchants to maximize their terminal investments, Ingenico provides a comprehensive range of terminal and software update and management services – both remotely and in the field. Fully certified professionals and local language helpdesks operate in every territory to ensure Ingenico is on hand to support customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.