ChungHo Comnet 7100

ATM Options
Hyosung 1800SE
Hantle 1700W
ChungHo Comnet 7100

POS Options
TechTrex PrimeTrex-S
TechTrex PrimeTrex-S IP
TechTrex PrimeTrex-S Wireless (GPRS)
TechTrex PrimeTrex-S Wireless (WiFi)
Ingenico i5100
Ingenico i7780
Hypercom 4220

ChungHo Canada announces the release of the Xtremo Series ATM! The new Xtremo was desinged from the ground up to be the best value for your dollar and provides a wealth of features only offered by higher end models.

Information and picture provided by ChungHo Canada.

Customer Handling Unit

Display: 8″ TFT Color Display. 640 x 480 Resolution.
Keyboard/EPP Compliant: 16 Numberic keys, EPP with Triple DES, 8 Function Keys
Card Reader: Dip Type: Standard | EMV Smart Card Reader: Standard

Receipt Print Unit

Printer Method: Direct Thermal Line Printer
Paper Setting: Semi-auto Loading Method
Print Speed: 100mm/sec (600 dots line/sec)
Receipt Capacity: Max 150mm Diameter (over 2,000 transactions)
Print Characters: English, Numeric, Line, Symbol, ASCII 96 Characters etc.
Paper Width: 59mm/79mm (Option)
Power Supply: DC24V

Cash Dispenser Unit

Cassette Capacity: 1,000 New Bills (Optional: 2,000 Bills Cassette)
Number of Cassette: single for Standard or Option for 2,3 & 4 (2,000 Bills Cassette)
Dispensing Speed: 5 Bills/sec
Access Direction: Front Access
Reject Box: Up to 40 Bills
Interface: Serial (RS232C)

Main Control Unit

CPU: Intel PXA255 (400MB)
Flash Memory: 32M
Modem: 56K Modem for dial-up connection
Main Memory: 64M SDRAM
OS: Windows CE
Journal: Electronic Journal
Languages: 7 Languages


Security: Intel PXA255 | UL291 Business Hour Cabinet (Optional – UL291 Level and Dial Lock/Electronic Lock)
Maintanence Access: Front Access
Dimensions: W x D x H; 17.7″ (450mm) x 21.6″ (550mm) x 54.8″ (1.392mm)
Power: 115 VAC, 2A 50/60 Hz

Remote Management Software

Performs Remote Diagnostics
Receives & Archives Journals
Graphic Images & Video Clip Transfer
Software Upgrades Downloads